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What sets I Hate My Sink apart from the competition?

We specialize in sink replacement and only sink replacement. This gives us a level of specialization and expertise that makes us the best choice for any sink replacement in the area.

What services does I Hate My Sink offer?

We perform sink replacement without having to destroy your cabinetry or countertops.

How long will my sink replacement take?

Sink replacement installation is generally done within one day.

Do you offer any guarantees for your work?

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We won't leave until you are satisfied with the sink replacement process.

What should I do to prepare for my service?

Please empty the cabinet underneath the sink we will be replacing. You can check out our Our Process page for more information about sink replacement.

Can you customize the sink in my home?

If you want a bigger sink or are looking for a new style of sink, we can cut into your countertops to accommodate the stylish sink replacement you're looking for.

I was told that I could not replace my sink without total removal of my countertops. Is that true?

No. That's absolutely not true. I Hate My Sink can replace your sink without total removal of your countertops. Our protective drapery can even keep dust away from the rest of your kitchen while we work. If you're looking into sink replacement, the rest of your kitchen is safe with us. According to Eclipse Stainless, a good sink and faucet should last you at least a decade. We take pride in offering such an important service for our customers.

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